Top 10 Most Aggressive Small Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs are favored by many pet lovers deeming them loyal, friendly and amusing. Small dogs in particular are liked by many people. They are so cute. However, when turn furious, they become too aggressive. Be careful of them. So, in order to help you identify the most aggressive dogs, we bring you a list of the top 10 most aggressive small dog breeds.

10 Dachshund

Recent studies made by scientists who focused on the behavior of dogs, illustrated that the Dachshund is one of the most violent dogs in the world. It can lead to grave harms to the person, regardless how much it bites, but Dachshunds are famous for their abhorrence to strangers. The breed does not like dealing with children. If you don’t desire your Dachshunds to be aggressive, let it exercise, to be able to perform on its short legs.


9 Pekinese

Pekinese is not able to menace people due to the small size, yet this breed can be very green-eyed and violent. Typically it is aimed on other dogs or foreigners coming to visit. Changing the Pekinese is tricky. It is obstinate, and frequently prefers only one person as a master, to whom it becomes close.


8 Papillon

It is a fashionable dog, which bites heavily. The violence is aimed on children, who annoy this dog rapidly, and may be bitten by it. The Papillons are very greedy dogs, and because of jealousy, they can bother the stranger. So albeit this dog is small, it is very violent. Early socialization of puppies will lend a hand to keep away from deviations in actions, and avert the aggression.

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7 Chow Chow

The Chow is deemed to be one of the most ancient dog breeds on earth. Although it has a cuddly appearance, it is obviously very aggressive and impulsive. Deep-set sunken eyes loan the Chow a very imperfect peripheral vision, making it simple to surprise and irritate the dog by mistake. Chow Chow dog is powerfully loyal to its master and doubtful of strangers, and some assert its distant personality is somewhat cat-like.


6 Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a dog belongs to China. It is translated as a lion dog because it looks like the portrayal of the Chinese lion. They are brave, clever and vigorous dogs, but like any killer they need to hold back their temper. Or else the Shih Tzu will take on itself the position of a disobedient leader. Aggression can be made by not careful behavior of this breed, the lack of communiqué or if it was insulted by the earlier owner. The dog can clasp at legs, bite and punt at any object, such as people and children. If you don’t want your Shih Tzu to be violent you need to coach and hang it out correctly from the puppyhood.

Shih Tzu

5 Chihuahua

Lately this breed has turned to be very chic and many people do not take these dogs critically. When Chihuahua is hostile, not many dogs will exceed it. Leadership qualities of this breed are very sturdy, thus the owner must, by the book, teach their pets and from early puppyhood to socialize Chihuahua and adjust it to the company of other dogs.



4 Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell is a leading working terrier. It is only lately kept as a house pet in any great numbers. This powerful dog was raised to take on foxes and follow vermin underground. Bored or shockingly socialized Jack Russells can be unsafe, and though they hardly ever top 20lbs, they have a stubborn temper backed up by wicked little jaws, and they will never back down from a battle, in spite of the challenger.


3 Cocker Spaniels

This is a tremendously sensitive breed, bordering on absolute anxious. Socialization is vital for Cockers, yet even the best teaching cannot triumph over the genetic rage syndrome that they are famous for. Spaniels have a rage syndrome that makes them attack violently without any provocation. They come again to their normal selves apparently with no memory of the attack. There is no healing for rage syndrome, though anti-epilepsy medications have intermittently proven successful.

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2 Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier’s history is parallel to that one of the Pit Bull, made use of in gory baiting sports. They were chiefly effectual in ratting games, being tossed into a crack swarming with rodents and posting dozens at a time. At the moment, it is tenderer than in the past, but it keeps some of its violent genes.

Bull Terrier

1 Beagle

Similar to many other dogs, its fresh working heritage has filled sometimes with uncontrollable drive. This emotional, impulsive willpower makes the beagle extremely difficult to train and may lead it to act out unsuitably, including biting. If it catches an enticing scent, the beagle will often develop into wholly unresponsive to its master.




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  1. Shih tzu is not “the lion dog” and they are not really agressive but they are very simmilar to another breed that is bigger stronger and fearless which is called “lhasa aspo” which are referred to in Tibet as Apso Seng Kyi, which can be translated as “Bearded Lion Dog” and that’s why peaople call them “the lion dogs”

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