Top 10 Largest Libraries All Over The World

Books are said to be the best friend, with which you can share your secrets, travel over history, plunge into secrets of science, view far places, or touch the smoothness of a given language. The best sacred place where you can find your best friends is the library. It is that extreme spots that embraces people from everywhere and hosts books from all genres on its shelves. If you are a good reader, or interested in massiveness of libraries, pay a special attention to this article that includes that top ten largest libraries.

10 The Russian State Library:

The Russian State Library is deemed to be the national library of Russia, which is located in Moscow. Indeed, it is the largest in Russia, it has a collection of books that reaches (17.5 million).  Moreover, it includes the Central Reference and Bibliographical Collection that own over 300,000 units. It has a big collection of bibliographic and references in Russian language. The collection has a large number of bibliographical guides, encyclopedias and reference books.

9 The Royal Library, Denmark:

It is located in Denmark, it is the national library of the country and the university library that belongs to the University of Copenhagen. There are books, journals, pamphlets and corporate publications, archives, maps, photographs and music scores. It has about 30.2 million items.

8 The Berlin State Library:

It is a universal library, located in Berlin, Germany that belongs to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. The Nazi period harshly destroyed the building of the library through political intimidation of the World War I. It embraces more than 11 million books, over 200,000 rare books and 4,442 incunabula.

7 The Boston Public Library:

It is a civic public library system in Boston, United States, which was founded in 1848, when Alexandre Vattemare, proposed that all of Boston’s libraries should be merged into one only for the benefit of the people. It contains about 23 million items of all formats such as books, DVDs, music scores, and visual materials.

6 The National Diet Library:

It is the merely national library in Japan. The library has copies of all publications in Japan. Furthermore, since it serves as a research library for Diet members and the general public, it includes a wide collection of materials in foreign languages on an extensive range of topics.

5 Bibliothèque nationale de France:

Indeed, it is the National Library of France, which is in Paris. The National Library of France dates to the royal library established at the Louvre Palace by Charles V in 1368. The library includes approximately 5,000 Greek manuscripts.

3 The National Library of China:

It is located in Beijing, as it is the national library of China. It has a collection of more than 31.1 million items. The National Library of China has the largest collection in Asia. It has more than 31.1 million items, to be one of the world’s largest libraries. It has imperial collections as books and manuscripts originated to the Southern Song. The North Area of the library is available for people from 9am to 9pm on weekdays.

2 The British Library:

It is the national library of the UK. It is a main research library. The Library’s collections has about 14 million books, with total 170million items, adding to considerable holdings of manuscripts and historical items belong to the 2000 BC. Indeed, a part of the library was at first a section of the British Museum. Concerning the digital collection, it contains around 57 million records that can be used to search.

1 The Library of Congress:

It is the research library that formally serves the United States Congress. The Library’s main mission is researching inquiries by members of Congress. The collections of the Library of Congress include over 32 million books and other materials in 470 languages. The total size of items there reaches 158 million.

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