Top 10 google penguin 4.0 Infographics and The Magic Behind It

Of late the computing world has undergone a series of changes that has eventually led to the betterment of the technology all over the globe, no man could believe when they hear someone say that a mere data could be stored and be retrieved later, the efficiency and effectiveness of the technological invention brought forward by Charles baggage is just outstanding, with these inventions which later led to the development of the Google Penguin 4.0 infographics is an indication of the advancement that technology is what the stone aged man was missing. When the word infographic is mentioned it simply means that data is being represented through images that describes the content intended for the targeted market. The representation made by the penguin 4.0 infographics is as clear as it can be expected to pass the message to the lovers of the updates made by google.

1 SEO factor one that involves the backlinks. Backlinks have been here for a very long time and still they will be here to stay for the next coming years. They are very important SEO factor, getting high quality backlinks can easily boost your site rankings and make your articles the best in the search results but having relevance should be taken into consideration because backlinks from relevant and high PR pages are considered worthwhile.

2 SEO factor two the click Through Rate. This is a major SEO factor it gives your site more authority and also allows a stronger sense of engagement for the user.

3 Relevant Linking is another SEO factor that is brought about by the google penguin 4.0 infographics as mentioned above backlinks are the most essential sources for SEO, Backlinks from few authority sources are far better and important that non-relevant sites. The sites that you link to your article should also be relevant.

4 When it comes to people taking about you everywhere when you share your articles on different social media that is another factor brought about by the Google Penguin 4.0 Infographic, meaning that your articles are worthwhile and helpful to read. Social media sharing has become the biggest thing ever in the SEO perspective if you make your articles go viral on social media then the probability of article being ranked high is maximized.

5 When it comes to blogging there is this term used everywhere ‘’evergreen articles’. These articles are sure of big success and bound to be ranked high than seasonal articles. In spite, the posting and keeping up to date not every article is evergreen. Therefore, by updating your articles then you increase their demands, help and up to date information.

6 When it comes to the designing of the top ten google penguin 4.0 infographics the first factor would be speed your site speed play a very big role in the SEO, faster loading sites are favored by search engines bots as no one likes to wait for a site to load for even more few minutes

7 Keyword is another factor that is to be put into consideration, by ensuring that one keyword is fixed well in one page, you should always target only one main keyword per page and add as much value as possible, the best you can use is ‘’Semrush’’ to find the related keywords with low competition.

8 User engagement is another aspect that is looked keenly by the google penguin 4.0 infographics by just clinking through the rate user engagement is a key to SEO as well as your online business. When people engage with your article for instance share, buy, and subscribe then it leaves a positive mark for the web crawlers, if the people are engaging it means your article is excellent and deserves to be first page of Google

9 All hail to the King! This refers always to the content of the article that you have presented that is why the content is always referred as the king of SEO.Unique, informative, longer and engaging content is what it takes your blog to be ranked better in search pages, this is mainly achieved through google penguin 4.0 infographics.

10 Creating blogger friends using the top google penguin infographics is the best trick in accessing a lot of traffics from emails, likes and other internet sources that will allow your articles to be engaged by many and ranked among the best.

All these are easily achieved by having the best google penguin 4.0 Infographics.

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