Top 10 Foods That Roaches Eat and Like

You would rarely meet someone who is actually a fan of the insects world, but you should be aware that these people do exist and they are one of the kind because ordinary people would freak out upon seeing a cockroach anywhere near them or around their houses, not to mention how creepier it will be if the roach happens to be a flying one. Oh Lord! What makes these creatures even scarier is the fact that they are capable of adapting to the lifestyles of human beings, so they can be found anywhere around the residences of the mankind, including restaurants, storage areas, grocery stores, and even in your very own kitchen. Well, we all agree that they are spooky creatures when we find them in our own houses, but let us not forget that they also unique in their own ways, besides, they are not hostile at all. For the record, cockroaches happen to be omnivorous hunters, but unlike any other creatures, that does not mean that their foods are limited. They are not picky at all, for they can actually eat whatever is available on their way, including hair, books, and glue.

There are actually several species for cockroaches and each one prefer eating something different than the other. For example, cockroaches that live on dead trees do not mind eating the decaying wood while those that inhabit drains and pipes are more usually to feed on the dirt. These creatures are fine with eating whatever is available, but they still prefer some special kinds of food especially meats, sweets, and foods that contain starches. However, water is more important to this kind of insects that food, for dehydration can actually send them to immediate death. Here, you will be introduced to the top ten foods that roaches prefer to eat.

10 Sugar

Sugar is actually the most commonly food to attract all kinds of insects, but for cockroaches, it is actually the most influential bait. We might also say that it is number one food for all the cockroaches above anything else. Here is a good advice for everyone who is not actually ready to deal with these creatures, keep your sugar tightly sealed because cockroaches have a powerful gift of smelling it from afar and that definitely includes candy, sweets, and the baking goods.

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9 Juice and Soda

It is not actually like Juice and soda are their favorite beverages, but let us not forget the fact that these drinks are high in sugar and it is extremely concentrated as well, making it easy for the cockroaches to smell if they are not neatly bolted. They also get attracted to fruits since it is full of natural sugar. Also, make sure that your kitchen is kept neat and clean, for they are capable of smelling the dried sugary beverages that were spilt over.

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8 Starch

Cockroaches love starch as much as they love sugar, so you can easily find them all over your food eating it if you happen to keep out uncovered for them to smell and be attracted to. Besides, if they could not find foods that contain starch, they would not actually be disappointed, for they always have an alternative, so they would go for the bindings of the books as most of them actually contain starch. By the same token, they would go for more of these items including papers, cardboards, paper bags, and they can even eat the boxes of pizza that were thrown away.

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7 Glue

As strange as it could get, it sounds like the cockroaches can hardly dies, for they seem to be able to eat the entire universe if they do not find food. The weird thing is, they do not even mind eating the glue, for it is actually made from protein, so they can eat it and benefit from its nutritional value. This actually justifies the reason for some people to loathe the envelopes so much because it turned out to be one of the cockroaches’ favorite foods; they love eating the stamp glue available on them.

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6 Cheese

Yes, they love eating cheese too, but it is hard to actually blame them for that because cheese is really delicious. It is extremely important that you always make sure your cheese is clean and healthy, for it happens to rot, it will produce a very strong smell that roaches are able to distinguish from a relatively far distance and it will highly attract them, so make sure you do not leave your cheese uncovered or until it decays, so you do not find yourself having to deal with some uninvited guests.

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5 Grease

Blubbered and greasy parts are actually gross, but they attract the cockroaches because they are a complete source of fat and, as we mentioned before, cockroaches are ready to binge on whatever is able to provide them with the minimal nutrition value. Grease might actually be a little hard to clean off, but it is vital that you remove it from your stove area where it can form, for cockroaches can even feed on the grease film that is found on the hoods of oven or even a wall next to where someone has used a frying pan. Do not underestimate the presence of any grease around your kitchen, for it is what cockroaches come running at with a great enthusiasm.

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4 Meat

Obviously, roaches share with us a lot of food preferences, but needless to say, that does not actually include the grease and the trashy items they feed on. But since they are omnivorous creatures, just like we are, they are great lovers of meat. Clearly, they love meat in particular, for it is an excellent source of both fat and protein, which means a great nutritional value for a creature as small as a roach. The smell of meat is deemed to be a great attraction for these insects and that includes both beef and chicken. The leftovers of our meals are considered valuable meals for them and they get strongly attracted to them, so you need to always make sure that you have not left any tiny pieces scattered around somewhere, for roaches will actually make an appearance at your place and find these pieces.

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3 Random Stuff

Experts of the insects world have discovered that roaches are actually able to feed on almost everything, including hair, nails, toothpaste, and other insects a well. For them, everything is made of some element that is able to give them any nutritional value. They even feed on books bindings, papers, wood, and bags. You can hardly find anything that they do not like eating.

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2 Young Roaches

They are not cannibals by nature, but if they happen to never find something to eat, which is an extremely rare case, they will resort to cannibalism occasionally and eat their own young cockroaches.

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1 Garbage

There is no need to actually state this one, for it is the place where you are most likely to encounter a stray cockroach chewing on whatever it lays its whiskers on. In point of fact, garbage is deemed to be a major source of food for roaches, especially because it has a strong smell of the compost and the droppings; they easily attract the cockroaches to come looking for their own meals. That is why you should not ever leave full garbage bags in your place, not even for a short period of time because they are fast and they actually get there before you get the chance to throw out your trash.

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It is quite obvious why it is really hard to get rid of this kind of insects, for they can find nourishment in everything including food, non-food materials, or even other tiny creatures. No wonder they have survived till today, and apparently they will keep on surviving as long as the planet exists.


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