Top 10 Best-Selling Beanie Babies on Amazon

As the 1990’s was marked by the introduction of valuable & rarest Ty’s Beanie Babies, they suffered a decline in retail sales for the past few years. But, this doesn’t stop avid fans and collectors from searching for these cuddly creatures and acquiring them for their collections in every chance they get.

Here are the top 10 best selling Beanie Babies on Amazon that are still in demand even after all these years (Read also Most Expensive Beanie Babies in the World).

10 Old Face Teddy Beanie Baby

Old Face Teddy Beanie Baby1
Old Face Teddy Beanie Baby2

This Beanie Baby sports a Victorian style face, eyes on the side of his head instead of being placed on the front and a triangular muzzle. Majority of the teddy bears by Ty boast of a more modern style, making them valuable. It comes in different colors including brown, magenta, violet, teal and cranberry, with brown being the most coveted.

9 Peking Beanie Baby

Peking Beanie Baby0

Peking Beanie Baby2

The one and only Beanie Baby with cloth eyes instead of beads, Peking Beanie Baby is an adorable panda produced for just three generations. Introduced in 1994, he came to retirement in July 1996. The unique eyes of the animal make him among the most coveted by Beanie Baby collectors.

8 Wingless Quackers Beanie Baby

Wingless Quackers Beanie Baby1
Wingless Quackers Beanie Baby2

The earlier Quackers didn’t come with wings. Released in June 1994, this Beanie Baby has an orange feet and beck but doesn’t have yellow wings.

7 Punchers Beanie Baby

Punchers Beanie Baby1
Punchers Beanie Baby2

Launched by Ty in 1993, Punchers Beanie Baby is a cuddly red lobster that was one of the first two original Beanie Babies. Its name is believed to be a typo because the name of the later generations was changed to Pinchers.

6 Spotless Spot Beanie Baby

Spotless Spot Beanie Baby0
Spotless Spot Beanie Baby2

Spot the Dog came to this world on the 3rd of January 1993 and originally, he didn’t have any spot. The second generation was the only time that Spot finally got the spot.

5 Nana Beanie Baby

Nana Beanie Baby1
Nana Beanie Baby2

Also among the best selling Beanie Babies on Amazon is Nana Beanie Baby, a cute monkey with tan feet, face and hands and a light brown body.

4 Royal Blue Peanut Beanie Baby

Royal Blue Peanut Beanie Baby1

Royal Blue Peanut Beanie Baby2

Peanut the Elephant was supposed to be a light grayish blue but factory error resulted to the production of royal blue Beanie babies.

3 Mystic Beanie Baby

Mystic Beanie Baby1
Mystic Beanie Baby3

Born in October 1997, Mystic’s earlier features a white body and mane and a tan horn. Its first generation had a mane composed of fine threads while the later generations came with thicker yarn for their mane.

2 Brownie Beanie Baby

Brownie Beanie Baby0
Brownie Beanie Baby1

Brownie Beanie Baby is among the earliest ones introduced that make them one of the most valuable. This has been produced for several years yet its name became Cubbie.

1 Princess Beanie Baby

Princess Beanie Baby1
Princess Beanie Baby2

The last but definitely not the least of the best selling Beanie Babies is none other than Princes Beanie Baby that commemorates Princess Diana. The royal purple teddy bear has a chest embroidered with a pink rose. With its uniqueness and charm, it is not a big surprise that it is still in demand up to this day and age.

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