TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World

Although all forms of art are beautiful, some might be more interesting than others. However, one of the forms that have always been admired is the portrait art in particular. It can also be called the human art, for this is what it is all about; portraying persons by best portrait artists, either by painting, sculpturing, photographing or representing them in any form; the main idea is for the facial expressions to be the major focal point of the picture.

The point of this kind of art is to show how deep your face and your features can be by letting the viewers guess the feelings, moods, and personality of the one portrayed; Moreover, the portrait often shows the person directly staring at the eyes of the viewer and the point of that is to emphasize how powerful the eye contact can be even if the other party is technically non-living; besides, it is a successful method to make the viewer be involved and interested in knowing more about the image. 

When this art came into appearance, it was only limited to portraying rulers and authorized figures; although there were portraits of others who had nothing to do with the authorization or power. Very few of them had actually survived to our current days. Definitely, artists of this specific form have been around for a very long time, but some of them may possess fascinating talents than others. The following list features 10 of the best portrait artists around the world.

10 Linda Marie – Portrait Artist

Linda Marie is artist expertise in portraying humans and pets, especially the Newborns, Babies, and Families in general. She worked at a Studio known as Pompton Plains New Jersey for about forty years and her talent has actually brought the business a great number of awards, for she was known to be very precise and attentive when it comes to portraying and that, definitely, had made the studio highly valued and recommended by everyone because the clients are always satisfied.

She is also a fine digital artist as well as a print-maker expert. Her work has proven her to be the best in Fine Art home decor. Currently, she owns a studio of her own known as Portrait Artistry which provides the customers with high-quality portraits.

Linda Marie portrait TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 1 Best Portrait Artists

Linda Marie portrait 3 TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 2 Best Portrait Artists

Best Portrait Artists

9 Jane Smith Gundog Portrait Artist

Jane Smith Gundog is a talented and brilliant artist who pursued a career in art by having a studio at her own home from which she works. She taught herself the basics and essential techniques needed for being professional in the art of portraying. Her art is usually recognized by the dominance of natural pastels in it, for she is a great lover of nature and wildlife.

They are what she usually paints or photograph. After beginning her art career, she became recognized due to the high quality she provided and her work got featured in two national magazines; besides, she has been ranked among the best ten portrait artists around the United Kingdom which gave her the chance to work on an international range.

Jane Smith Gundog portrait TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 3 Best Portrait Artists

Best Portrait Artists

8 Beckie Bray Portrait Artist

Beckie Bray is a Portrait artist who works in London. She has a great passion for portraying that she spends most of her time drawing or painting. By the age of 24, she became widely known and she sold most of her work internationally.

Currently, she is working as an on-demand artist who portrays for those who want images of their loved ones, including pets; she also encourages people to buy these portrayals as a considerate gift for a friend or family member. Her work is characterized by uniqueness, for she combines different styles and techniques in order to give out the best product ever.

Beckie one of Best Portrait Artists

Beckie Bray portrait TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 4 Best Portrait Artists

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7 Renie Bartsch Portrait Artist

Renie Bartsch is an Australian artist who studied Creative arts and graduated with distinction and honors. Renie is professional in fine arts including Postcards, Portraits, Prints, and Paintings. Renie says that painting is simply the reflection of every beautiful thing that exists in our world; these things include nature, human beings or even things that are so simple, like a handmade gift or a very special moment, yet so fascinating.

As a student, Renie received awards and prizes like Second Prize, Student Guild Exhibition and Rosemary Lakerink Award, Studio Work of the Standard. Renie currently has an online shop and her works have been featured for the last six years in a lot of different exhibitions that include University of Southern Queensland Arts Gallery Annual Exhibition, USQ Arts Gallery, Student Guild Exhibition, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Made Creative Space Gallery, Yurara Art Gallery and Art Haus/Artsworx.

Renie Bartsch portrait 3 TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 6 Best Portrait Artists

Renie Bartsch portrait 4 TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 7 Best Portrait Artists

Renie Bartsch portrait TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 8 Best Portrait Artists

6 Sue Flask Portrait Artist

Sue Flask is a portrait artist who obtained a diploma in Fine Arts from the School of Arts in Malta and graduated as a B.Ed from the University of Malta. Some of her paintings are in private collections in Malta and abroad. Sue participated in a lot of competitions from which she won a lot of prizes, including 1st Prize, Christmas Card Competition, Mid-Med Bank, 1997, 1st Prize, Draw & Win, The Maltese Feast, Middlesea Group, 2008 Honourable Mention, 7th National Art Competition, 8th National Art Competition, 2009 1st Prize, 9th National Art Competition, the Fine Art Magazine’s First Juried Online Art Exhibition and more.

Her works have also been presented in several exhibitions such as Bank of Valletta Painting Exhibition, Art Exhibition in Kaufering, International Fair of Malta, Art Exhibition – Society of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce, Art Exhibition in Bath – England, Art Exhibition, Ministry of Education, Mediterranean Nights and a lot more.

Sue Flask portrait TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 9 Best Portrait Artists

Sue Flask portrait 2 TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 10 Best Portrait Artists

5 Brigitte Dietz Portrait Artist

Brigitte Dietz is a German portrait artist who started studying classical philology at the University of Heidelberg right after graduating from high school and she was specialized in portraits in oil, mixed technique, collage and pastel. Brigitte’s passion for art has been ignited since she was in school and she used to create designs of book covers and participated in the writing of puppet shows which included the arrangement and design of the scenery. Brigitte tries to see the sights of the irony in the human beings’ lives and represent this in her art.

She also accentuates the importance of colors and moods in addition to the features and expressions of the face, for most of the best portrait artists focuses on the features more. She also tends to make her work creative and, above all, one of its kind by giving the observers the chance to finish the painting by themselves as a method to stimulate their own imaginations.

Brigitte Dietz portraits TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 11 Best Portrait Artists

Brigitte Dietz portrait TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 12 Best Portrait Artists

4 Derek Rickard

Derek J. Rickard is a local portrait artist and has officially been studying art since 2010. At first, he learned how to draw all by himself although both sides of his family are passionate about drawing. He was also taught by several portrait artists throughout his college years and was specialized in realism as well as portraits, for he enjoys the creativity that is deliberately stimulated while designing tattoos or caricatures.

Derek often works with charcoal and pencils; he deemed to be so talented that he is capable of drawing with his own free hands without the support of stencils or tracers. He is also capable of using several computer programs including Photoshop CS5, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and more.

Best Portrait Artists

One of Best Portrait Artistd

3 The Portrait Art (Xiaonan)

Xiaonan is a Hollywood Artist who has been drawing for most of her life. She is talented in simultaneous drawing and it is featured in Ripley-Believe-It-or-Not museum. She states that her real passion is illustrating the facial expressions of people on a piece of paper and let them shine through. Besides, she has her own website where she presents all her works and provides services for those who are seeking personal portraits, either for themselves or their loved ones.

2 Darrel Bevan Portrait Artist

Darrel is a metaphoric and portrait illustrator who specializes in pencil drawings, for Color-blind is mainly the focal point of his work. He has a BTEC Diploma and graduated from college with Honors Degree. Upon graduation, he spent several years where he was an artist struggling to find his own place; he had to work part-time jobs to be able to make a living until his qualifications met the requirements of being a lecturer at the college.

Moreover, portrait making for Darrel is all about capturing the essential details of the personality as well as the reality of the subject that is intended to be drawn or painted. 

Best Portrait Artist

Darrel Bear TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 13 Best Portrait Artists

Darrel elephant TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 14 Best Portrait Artists

1 Heather Rooney Best Portrait Artist 

Heather Rooney received her B.A. in Studio Art at Emmanuel College, in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. She started drawing since a young age and drew her very first portrait when she was in high school art class and she grew passionate about photorealistic drawing and the fussy attention to details that this form of art requires, so she decided to be up for the challenge, and kept on improving her techniques.

When she got to college, she spent most of her free time using colored pencils to draw, then she decided to share her production on different platforms of social media. She drew portraits of celebrities and public figures so people would be familiar with what she does and that actually started attracting many.

Heather Rooney Katniss 1 TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 15 Best Portrait Artists

Heather Rooney Rey TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 16 Best Portrait Artists

Heather Rooney portraits TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 17 Best Portrait Artists

Heather Rooney Indian2 TOP 10 Best Portrait Artists in The World - 18 Best Portrait Artists

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