Top 10 Best Birthday Photoshoot Photographers in the World in 2022

Are you having your birthday soon and need a photographer? With the internet and social media evolution, photographers now have numerous platforms to showcase their portfolios. This makes it easy for birthday celebrants to look for the right photographers for their parties. Unfortunately, due to the potential of the internet, photographers are gaining massive popularity in today’s ego-driven world. People are so narcissistic than before that they will capture every happy moment.

One of such moments is during a birthday party. So why kill yourself taking selfies when you could just hire a famous photographer to capture the whole celebratory moment with their HD camera lenses. If you do not know where to start, Topteny magazine presents you with the ten best birthday photographers worldwide.

1 Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is a photographer from Canada with almost 7 million followers on Twitter. If you want Paul to be at your birthday capturing those unforgettable confetti-throwing moments, then you will have to break him out from his tight schedule. Paul is an avid photographer of wildlife and locations. He is also a biologist and a filmmaker. With over 20 years of experience taking quality photographs, Paul will still show up at any birthday party if the price is right. As a talented photographer, Paul has been able to tell various narratives and stories using his trusty and powerful tool – a camera. Paul is an avid lover of the sea and its creatures. He is the founder of Sea Legacy and has contributed to content for National Geographic. His social media account shows him in various habitats and environments as he continues to unravel the world with his powerful lens. Paul can capture any important and mesmerizing moments with his camera lens. A birthday party in the sea or woods might just be the perfect occasion for Paul to flaunt his talents.

Samples of Paul Nicklen’s photography

paul nicklen photography.
Paul is an avid photographer of wildlife and locations.

2 Mario Testino

If you are looking for some of the best birthday photographers of 2022, you will have to travel down to Peru to snatch Mario Testino. Mario has 4 million Twitter followers and has a wide spectrum of photography skills. His main area of specialization is as a fashion and portrait photographer. However, Mario can still capture the most memorable moments of your life with your birthday party. Mario migrated to London to further his career in photography. With 40 years of flashlights and inspirational pictures, Mario can still bless any birthday celebration with his camera lenses. He is a lifestyle photographer who likes to capture life’s beautiful moments. A review of his portfolio on Twitter will reveal that his range of photography skills will make him the right fit for any birthday party shoot.

Samples of Mario Testino’s photography

Mario Testino photography.
He is a lifestyle photographer who likes to capture life’s beautiful moments.

3 Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann is the best Russian birthday photographer for any photoshoot. If you are in Russia and looking for a reliable photographer with the camera skills to capture all the fun, then Murad is your guy. Based in the Russian capital of Moscow, Murad is followed by 3.9 million people on Twitter. Murad works primarily as a travel photographer, but this does not stop him from gracing any birthday photoshoot. He is popularly known as the guy behind the “Follow me to” project. He is also with Hype Film as a film producer. Murad recently won the influencer of the year award and has a wide range of photography interests, from birthday photoshoots to weddings, travel tours, charity events, etc.

Samples of Murad Osmann’s photography

Murad Osmann
Murad works especially as a travel photographer, but this does not stop him from gracing any birthday photoshoot.

4 Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is an American birthday photoshoot photographer with 3.6 million Twitter followers. He is an American photographer based in California specializing in birthday, travel, surf, landscape, and outdoor photography. As a skilled photographer, Chris has the skills and aptitude for capturing all the pleasurable moments of a birthday event and celebration. Chris is also a speaker and a director, known as a travel photographer, capturing unforgettable moments with his camera lens. However, many parties go, and birthday celebrants in California can invite talented photographers to grace their birthday event photoshoot.

Samples of Chris Burkard’s photography

Chris Burkard
Chris specializes in birthday, travel, surf, landscape, and outdoor photography.

5 Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is probably the oldest birthday photographer you will have to get for your photoshoots. He is famous and one of the most experienced birthday photographers on this list. His pictures and images are all over the internet. If you check his portfolio, you will not fail to spot the Afghani that spots a pair of green mesmerizing eyes. Steve has 3 million followers on Twitter. He may not be a birthday photographer to most people, but he can handle any birthday photoshoot like a professional. His rich work spans events, culture, ancient traditions, and conflicts. A quick surf through his Twitter page shows a collection of past works from the talented and veteran photographer. His portfolio includes (but is not limited to) books, exhibitions, podcasts, video series, and many more.

Samples of Steve McCurry’s photography

6 Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin is a photographer based in the USA. He is an American birthday photographer, filmmaker, professional climber, and National Geographic Photographer. With 2.7 million Twitter followers, Jimmy is simply the celebrity birthday photographer. His portfolio of past works heavily features events and occasions. You will be able to see several reasons he is such a good option for any birthday photoshoot. As an event photographer, Jimmy has been trained to capture the essential parts of an event with the simple use of a camera lens.

Samples of Jimmy Chin’s photography

7 Pete Souza

Pete Souza is that photojournalist that can also double up as a birthday photographer for any photoshoot. Pete Souza may be the most famous birthday photographer on this list. He was previously the official photographer forth the White House. He followed Barack Obama closely everywhere he went. Pete followed the former POTUS everywhere he went. He is famous for his portrait book on Barack Obama, but his primary job does not stop him from gracing a few birthday parties to capture some emotional and cherished moments. Pete Souza is one of the best birthday photographers who can easily handle any potential photoshoot at any time of the day. While he was very busy as the official photographer in the White House (2008 – 2016), he is free currently.

Samples of Pete Souza’s photography

8 Michael Yamashita

Michael Yamashita is one of the best birthday photoshoot photographers for any party for 2022. Michael is based in America and is a veteran photographer who has performed magic with his camera lens for many years. Michael is best known for his over thirty-year career shooting amazing pictures for national geographic photo magazines. Michael has 1.7 million Twitter followers who relish any opportunity to gloss over his portfolio of past photographs and pictures. Michael is a professional photographer that wears many hats. He is a Sony shooter with the skill and wizardry to handle any birthday photoshoot. He is also an Asia specialist, workshop leader, keynote speaker, and author. His online portfolio will show many events and celebrations he has graced with his photography skills.

Samples of Michael Yamashita’s photography

9 Hannes Becker

Hannes Becker is another eligible birthday photoshoot photographer based in Germany; Hannes has captured various birthday events and occasions with his camera lenses. He is a freelance photographer as well as a certified drone operator. Using a drone, this guy can capture any birthday photoshoot from an aerial position. Hannes specializes in landscape, travel, and outdoor photography. With 1.5 million Twitter followers, Hannes usually documents his adventures through pictures on the popular social media platform. His portfolio includes photo collections about his journey through Greenland, Great Britain, Namibia, France, Scotland, and many other countries.

Samples of Hannes Becker’s photography

10 Joel Sartore

With 1.5 million Twitter followers, Joel Sartore is the chill guy to capture the very essence of your birthday with his camera lens. He is a skilled photographer that is based in America. He is an author, speaker, and teacher. He is also an official photographer for national geographic. andhas been working with the magazine for many years. Joel is the brains behind the Photo Ark of National geographic. As much as Joel likes to capture nature and other biological systems, he is also a professional birthday photographer. Joel has been able to capture various happy moments for many birthday celebrants. His social media portfolios might be full of animals and biological species, but Joel is no stranger to birthday photoshoots.

Samples of Joel Sartore’s photography

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