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Top 10 Ageless Celebrities Who Never Grow Up

All women in the world know that beauty is one of the most important things in their lives. Celebrities are the most persons who care a lot about the freshness of their skin. They go to beauty experts to wear them a different new look makeup every event to look more younger and freshness. They have no problem to pay a lot of money in caring of their skin. So, they look incredible for their ages. In this list, you will see ten of the ageless famous women.

1 Courtney Cox

She has the glow and the youthful skin of any younger woman. One cannot believe that she turned 46 on June 15, 2010. She uses intensive treatment face cream to smooth away the wrinkles and the fine lines. Because of caring about her health, skin and hair, she is looking 10 years younger.

2 Gwen Stefani

She has the youthful skin of a baby. She cares about her skin by using a lot of lotions; her face is like the face of a baby. Hence, every woman should care about her beauty.

3 Ann Curry

She looks younger as she is able to maintain the flawless skin. She says that if she has dark circles under her eyes, she will wear a bright color on her lips.

4 Kirsten Dunst

She has been the spotlight since she was quite young. She keeps her youthful skin glowing by staying out of the sun. She says that her skin cannot handle the UV rays. She also moisturizes her skin twice a day and only washes at night.

5 Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones is known for her glowing skin, so she is a knockout. The secret of her beauty is very simple; to rub a mixture of honey and salt all over her body to be moisturized and exfoliated. She also eats an apple after every meal to clean up her teeth to be white.

6 Ashely Judd

She is known for her stunning complexion. She is the face of the American products.  But, she is criticized for getting plastic surgery.

7  Angelina Jolie

All women want their skin to be fresh like Angelina’s. Her secret of beauty is a liquid that is derived from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow

She has a perfect skin; as she uses face oil. Hence, she is one of the most beautiful women; because of her awesome skin.

9 Angela Bassett

This beautiful woman was glowing and still the same now. Her secret of beauty is to keep the skin out of chemicals, eat useful foods, eat fruits and make a perfect use of all kinds of vitamins.

10 Christy Turlington Burns

This woman has a great skin; as she is a very careful about the freshness of the skin; she uses body lotions, face creams and washing it in a perfect way. She swears by vitamin supplements to keep her healthy from the inside out. She also practices yoga to have a sound mind and a sound body; also she uses fruit masks to make her skin fresh.

In a nutshell, beauty is a dangerous battle in which, every woman wants to be the victor.

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