6 Things Men Won’t Always Buy for Themselves

Do you have a man in your life that refuses to buy anything nice for themselves? Maybe they think buying stuff for themselves is selfish or they don’t know what they would get. Whatever the reason, if that man won’t get something for himself, then you can get something for him. Below are some things that guys won’t typically get for themselves, as they are not strictly needed to survive.

1 Clothing

A big thing that men often won’t buy for themselves is clothing. They are just fine wearing the old and stained clothes they have been wearing for years. But that isn’t because they don’t want to look nice, it’s more likely because they don’t know what to get or feel that buying nice clothes is a waste. So instead of waiting for them to pick out something for themselves, you can do the shopping for them. Use your good sense of style to grab some clothing the man will look nice in, but wouldn’t usually get for himself. You can also sign him up for a subscription box service that will deliver him nice clothing once a month so that he can continuously get new things for himself.

2 Jewelry

Along the same lines of clothing, we have jewelry. Jewelry is often seen as something that’s only for women, but there are many things that a man could easily wear. The problem is they won’t buy this stuff for themselves. If you’re looking to get him a gift, consider going with a nice watch. Other options include things like rings, earrings, or even a gold necklace for men. What you end up getting will largely depend on the man’s style and what he’s comfortable with. If the man doesn’t typically wear jewelry, but you think he might like something, start with something small and less noticeable rather than something showy.

3 Tickets to Events

Event tickets can be expensive, which is why men won’t always buy them for themselves. But if he has a favorite sports team in the area, or there’s a band he likes coming to play nearby, some tickets to the event make a great gift. Not only is this something he might not have thought to get for himself, but it’s something that the two of you can do together. Think about which teams, bands, or comics the guy likes then see what’s going on in your area. You can even do smaller events like going to an escape the room location or something like a murder-mystery dinner.

4 Video Games

Video games are another luxury that a lot of men are reluctant to buy. Perhaps they don’t want to be seen as someone who will spend money just to sit on their couch for hours. But video games are a ton of fun, so if the guy doesn’t get it for himself, get it for him. Take a look at the latest games that are coming out and see which of the hits your guy might like. For a bonus, find some multiplayer games that you can play with him so that he doesn’t need to play alone.

5 A Spa Day

Spa days are another thing typically associated with women, which is a shame. Many men would benefit from attending a spa every once in a while, where they can relax and relieve some stress. If your man feels uncomfortable going to a spa alone, consider getting a couples massage package that you can enjoy together. This is a great way to reward someone who works hard all the time, and it’s not something they would do for themselves. If you think there’s no way the guy will go to a spa, consider bringing the spa to them. Get some at-home self-care products they can use to take care of themselves. Relaxing bath products, grooming products, and an at-home massager are all great options.

6 Books

Finally, maybe the man you’re trying to shop for likes to read but doesn’t think to buy themselves books. If that’s the case, then you can start getting the books for them. Think about what topics they might have an interest in, then head over to your local bookstore. If you don’t want to get them something they won’t like, then get them a gift card to the store. That way they have no choice but to get themselves some books.

Get Them What They Won’t Get for Themselves

Just because a man won’t buy themselves beautiful things doesn’t mean they don’t want them. If you give them any of the things mentioned above, they’ll likely be happy they didn’t have to buy it for themselves. Keep an ear out for the types of things that they like; then, if they don’t get it for themselves, you have your next gift idea all lined up and ready to go.

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