17 OnlyFans Alternatives for Content Creators to Make Money

With the rise of social media and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc., many people have been seeking out new ways to earn money online. One way that content creators can gain exposure without having a large following is on OnlyFans, where they are able to provide exclusive access for those followers who pay $9/month or more.

The rise of OnlyFans in recent years is no surprise when you consider the effect it had on adult industry traffic following its peak during the pandemic times. With many venues shutting down and people becoming more restricted in their behavior, this website became an epicenter for all things sexy. But then, something happened.

Remember how OnlyFans surprised the world in August 2021 by declaring that they would be prohibiting explicit adult content on their platform? As anticipated, the adult community reacted violently to their decision, and OnlyFans ultimately chose to lift the ban. However, the harm was already done. In order to make money, adult content creators have already begun looking for safer websites like OnlyFans.

So, here is quick advice on the top websites like OnlyFans, whether you want to go all out and sell explicit content or would rather keep it modest.

Best OnlyFans alternative sites

1 MyClub

With My Club, you can sell exclusive content to fans who are willing to pay a price for it. You set the Join Fee and keep 80% of earnings while still having access through the site’s features that allow creators like yourself more than one option when interacting with their followers or club members on different levels.

With My.Club you can make friends and drive more traffic by posting content with other creators! The site is always safe for adults because they have a strict policy about not turning anything unexpected.

We love the integrated messaging system that allows creators to send private or mass messages and sell their content there. We also appreciate how My Club offers a profitable referral program for life plus 10% of revshare.

2 FanCentro

One of the first options that come to mind when looking for websites like OnlyFiends is FanCentro, as it has multiple features and income streams. Some tools in their best-selling package include a pay-to-view feed; DMs (Direct Messaging) option where you can buy messages from other fans who have been verified by onlyfans staff, a clip store section that allows users to upload photos or videos taken at gigs/festivals, etc., along with living streaming capabilities. Additionally, they provide tutorials on how to use these functions properly.

The FanCentro referral program is quite lucrative for both the models and creators. They can earn 10% of their referred’s earnings if they sign up for a one-year-long plan, which comes at no extra charge! This means that you’ll be able to make more money as a model when working with someone who has referred others before because then all parties involved will share in what each other brings home – even though it doesn’t cost anything extra (in fact-you’re getting paid!) unless there are additional fees imposed by third party sites.

3 Fanvue

Fanvue is a social media platform with over 2 million users where you can find your next favorite celebrity chef or video game streamer. But what makes FanVUE different? The answer lies in their instant payment feature – once earnings reach the account holder’s nominated bank transfer address (no long clearing periods!), payouts will be made almost instantly as there’s no need for any extra processing time after withdrawal requests have been submitted.

4 AVN Stars

AVN Stars is an exclusive social media site for adult creators and adult performers to share content and interact with their fans. It takes many similarities from other well-known platform like OnlyFans, such as monthly subscriptions that allow access into the community’s private space where creators offer photos/videos or tips in exchange of monetary compensation (AVNS). This 20% cut goes directly toward funding production costs while also maintaining its exclusivity by not accepting any vows other than those pertaining solely to user accounts.

The AVN Stars app is great because it has a search bar and suggestion feature to help you find your favorite models. It also points users in the direction of verified creators so they can’t miss out on what’s happening in this exciting industry.

Creators can include emojis in their content. There are multiple tiers of subscription that creators could set up, with the free option being perfect for beginners who want to test out how things go before committing themselves fully to one tier or another.

5 See Cuthberts Nudes

If you’re looking for an online platform where people can find your content, then AdmireMe might be worth checking out. It has great search options and features that allow users to easily discover the latest posts from their favorite social media accounts – which could end up being yours! You’ll get 50 max slots before becoming featured on our homepage as one of “the best new stars.”

The founder of AdmireMe is a former stripper who made the site 100% adult-friendly, so adult creators are welcome here.

6 AdultNode

Adult Node is the newest, adult-oriented social platform that’s taking over. You’ll never have to worry about subscriptions with this one because users buy tokens that they use on their favorite creators and content. But if you want more from your subscription fee than just access–they offer a VIP account upgrade where all of these benefits are available for purchase as well, including 15% taken out by AdultNodes themselves, so there is no need to be worried when making money online anymore.

7 JustForFans

If you’re a content creator looking to make money off your hobby, this is the perfect platform for it! JustForFamers was created by and only works with adult influencers who are already making waves in their field. You can sign up for subscription packages ranging from $4.99 -$14 per month, where they take 30% of all earnings as profit-sharing fees.

The platform has an explore function that provides more visibility for creators, and they can give access to their Instagram or Snapchat accounts in order to make some extra cash.

8 ManyVids

If you’re looking for an OnlyFans alternative that also has a wide range of content, then ManyVids is worth checking out. They offer everything from subscriptions and individual videos to live cam sessions or physical items, so you can offer anything to your audience and also focus on any kink you might specialize in.

The platform has a range of features that allow users to connect with other like-minded people. The site also offers the option for creators and enthusiasts alike, as well as special programs such as MV Live. There’s an entire section dedicated to mobile gaming where you can find all kinds of apps available on Google Play Store or Apple app store, including some really fun ones designed just for our devices.

You’ll be able to explore various communities based around certain topics: from photography fans who share their latest shots under the “Photography” category; to music lovers chatting about new releases across different genres under Music & Movies streams, respectively (including podcasts).

9 Scrile Connect

If you want to start your own online platform which users can buy content from, then Scrile Connect is an excellent option. It offers all of the features that any business needs in order successfully launch their new site without having the coding knowledge or expertise required by other platforms like WordPress, which might be too complicated for some people who are just starting out with website building at this stage.

This is a revolutionary new way to monetize your content while having your own site. Once you create it, you can enable paid subscriptions for content and messages, live streams with tips, or referrals program. And wait until you hear this… there’s a 0% commission fee from revenue!

10 FriendsOnly

FriendsOnly is a new site that lets adult content creators create TikTok-style videos. The downside? They can only be vertical, and the quality isn’t great, but it’s better than nothing.

Users can make their customs requests, so feel free to create personalized videos or photos and sell them on demand. Moreover, you can enable subscriptions to access your content for a price of your choice. Keep in mind that FriendsOnly doesn’t allow any content that contradicts the law, so just beware of that.

FriendsOnly has a unique feature that other similar sites don’t have, and it is called a “gift for success.” You, as a content creator, could win an iPhone, car, or even trips to your favorite destination!

11 iFans

iFan is a content creation platform that might seem like one of the sites similar to OnlyFans in style, but it differs in functions. The main difference between these two, however, isn’t just their looks or features; instead, we can find more differences when looking at how they function – specifically with regard to referrals and live streaming opportunities for creators alike.

12 Unlockd

Unlockd has been designed to be the next major social platform for adult content creators. It’s got everything you could want from a fan base: an equal chance at success and marketing yourself, plus 15% less taken by Unlockds.

With their great customer service team promising solutions in 24 hours if needed, there really isn’t any other choice when it comes down to whether or not your fans will stick around on this site. In order words, Unlockd seems like just what we’ve all been waiting patiently.

13 MegaCams

Megacams is a great alternative to OnlyFans because they promote all their models, which means that it will be easier for you to create top-notch content without worrying about what kind of attention someone else might not give you.

The site has different categories, such as “skin type” and even hair color. So whether fans want an angelic blonde or brown-haired beauty, they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for at MegaCams.

The site gives you the opportunity to monetize your conversations, photos, and videos. You can also have real-time private chats with users.

14 ustfor.Fans

Would you like to make money from your Instagram account? If so, Justfor.Fans is a great site with more ways of doing this than its competitors. With up 80% of payouts and payments being made on weekdays, it’s hard not to be tempted by these features when compared to only a 50$ minimum payout at OnlyFans.

15 IsMyGirl

Evan Seinfeld founded MyGirl to provide women with an easy way of earning money. The website offers ten different revenue streams, making it easier than ever before for models and fans alike. One can either upload content or participate in live chats on the site, which both offer their own sets of benefits depending on what you’re looking forward to. Whether that’s getting tips from viewers through locked messages (where they ask questions) AND receiving 1on1 fancams each month when someone likes your video.

16 LoyalFans

LoyalFans is an ideal option for content creators looking to connect with their fans in new ways. The site connects those who love art and creativity, as well as producing high-quality work that will keep anyone entertained all day. With millions of followers on this platform alone and more joining every minute, it’s clear why so many content creators prefer LoyalFans over other sites.

17 Fansly

Fansly is a platform like many other alternatives. Creators sign up to create a profile and then start uploading photos, videos, or even streams which are all hidden behind the paywall for subscribers only. Users can subscribe monthly without costing them any money, but if you want access to everything in one go, then there are also options available where users have paid $5-$10 per month, so they get unlimited membership with no additional fees attached.

It is important to post new content regularly on your profile, or else people will stop following you and subscribe to another creator instead. This ensures that the most recent updates are seen by all members of this platform, which can help with growing subscribers.

Maintaining followers through posting consistently on Fansly makes introducing yourself easier for potential newcomers. Fansly also offers private messages, photos, and videos.

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