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Unique Jewelry Pieces to Gift for Friendship’s Day

If anything, we have realized in the past year how important our friends are. From endless zoom calls to making…

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Top 10 Most Expensive Watches In The World

There are two old wisdom say that “Time and tide stay for no man” and “Lost time is never found…

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8 of the Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry

For those who are used to extreme luxury and have the wealth and means to enjoy the absolute most delicate…

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Top 10 Jewelry Stores in the World

Purchasing jewelry is not easy for most of the women who want to beautify themselves and look more gorgeous. We…

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Top 10 Best Jewelry Designers in the World of All Time

Too many jewelry designers can be found in different countries around the world but not all of them can be…

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Top 10 Best Engagement Ring Designers in The World

Planning your wedding requires making several decisions and spending a long time to choose the best and most suitable things…

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Top 5 Unique Ideas to Surprise Your Loved One with a Jewelry Gift

Any gift of gems is consistently an exemplary method to state, “I care about you,” or even better, “I love…

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The 4cs that Determine the Value of Diamonds

Diamonds are a rare gem in the world. Not everyone gets to own real diamonds in their life since they…

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Engagement Ring Styles from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and Today

Engagement ring styles have gone through many changes over decades passed. Far from fast fashion, these transitions in style have…

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20 Most Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings in 2020

It is always enjoyable to see the engagement rings of celebrities. Whether for inspiration to buy a new piece of…

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