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How to Find a Phone Number of Influencers

It seems that, nowadays, text messaging is coming back but not as you used to know it, as local business influencers have discovered the power behind connecting with their followers and engaging with their community. One of the key ingredients to becoming a successful influencer is to find an efficient method of reaching a target audience. Unfortunately, not so many influencers are doing it right at the moment, and sometimes their followers have a hard time finding social media influencers’ contact info, which usually is stated in their profile bio.

However, some may already have a crowded bio on their profile, and it may be possible that not all the followers will be able to find what they are looking for. To help with this particular issue, Instagram has come up with the feature of adding a “contact” category straight to the business accounts. If you choose not to go with an agency or a platform that will help with your influencer marketing, then you might find yourself in the position where you are required to build up substantial relationships by yourself. For this plan to be successful, you first have to identify those who are ruling the niche that you have chosen, so you need to learn how to find social media influencers. If you represent an online, active participant in the niche business that you work on, then it might be a relatively short process of finding the influencers that you are looking for. In the other cases, you might have to put out a considerable effort in researching the niche, and luckily for you, several influencer marketing tools are out there ready to help you in this matter.

1 How to Find Social Media Influencers

In case you need to contact your favorite influencer, and you are unable to find meaningful information about their contact information, there are several websites and browser plugins that have created with the sole purpose of helping you get contacts promptly.

Firstly, you will have to consider and decide where it is most likely for you to discover your potential influencers. Many of them usually operate straight on social media. The many tools and platforms that exist for this sole purpose are mostly focused on the social media channels that exist in our times. After choosing what platform you are going to use for the research, you will need to consider where exactly you are most likely to find your target audience. If you plan to target older people, your best chances are to look for influencers on Facebook, which are most likely to engage in Facebook groups and talk about your niche. If your target audience consists of teenagers, then you might want to identify social media influencers on YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram, as those platforms tend to have a greater appeal to the younger generations.

2 Choosing the Right Influencer

For you to maximize your chances of choosing an authentic, credible, and most appropriate for your brand, you should look for the following.

  • A social media influencer who usually posts content that is directly relevant for your product or brand.
  • An influencer that has managed to develop a high engagement rate among his followers, which is very important.
  • An influencer that displays a matching tone in terms of appearance and style, one that goes well with your brand and products.
  • Most importantly, look for an influencer that has followers from your target demographic, as you don’t want to waste your resources on the wrong demographic.

3 What Platform to Use

One of the best on the market is the Signalhire web-site, which can help you with finding anyone’s social profiles, emails, or phone numbers on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MeetUp, GitHub and Google+. Soon, the email finder platform will further develop their reach that will include Dribble, Xing, Gmail, Quora, etcetera. Signalhire offers you the possibility to find Facebook influencers in a matter of seconds, information that you can easily export in a CSV format file. A friendly and useful algorithm that’s used by the email hunter is that they guarantee a brand-new search every time their clients inquire about it. Thus it won’t show you contact information that was found long before. Once you have launched the phone finder plugin you will be able to see contact information about anyone from anywhere on the internet that is 100% verified and up-to-date.


When starting a big online campaign for your brand or products, finding the right influencers to promote your brand is critical and is one of the most critical steps of the process. That’s why using a platform for finding social media influencers that suit your campaign is going to be of great help in your future endeavors.

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