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Best 15 Web Design Tricks to Increase Sales on Your Site

Competition in the digital marketing world has become stiffer than before. Companies are doing everything in their powers to survive and get a fair share of their markets. Some companies spend heavily on advertising to make enough sales on a monthly basis. For small business owners like you who don’t have enough resources to advertise, there should be another way to improve sales.

Web design tricks have proven to be very useful to business owners and companies over the years. As simple as this may sound, it is a way to improve sales far more than you imagine. The primary aim of this post is to show you some of these tricks that you can include in your website today to improve your overall sales.

1 Make Your Website Load Very Fast

This is another excellent way to increase the conversion rate for your website. Customers may not make the purchase due to your site doesn’t arrive quickly in their browsers. Don’t forget that these people are naturally impatient and will not wait all day long just for your website to view its contents. One way to correct this is to upload smaller images. You should also avoid using a background color such as black and changing your hosting company. A company such as Hostpapa has proven to deliver to services when it comes to helping websites to load very fast. You can try it out today where you will be given a website builder, a free domain name, and dedicated servers which have been built for speed.

 2 Customer-Support Bot 

This is an era whereby there is a significant emphasis on how customers attended by merely visiting a website. The truth is that you will not be available 24/7 to always respond to their needs on your site. This is where the use of customer-support bot will be of great help. It helps ensure that your prospective and existing customers attend to decide at any time to explore offers on your website.

 3 Optimizing Your Website 

There are many ways to Optimize Your Website. One of the most effective ways is to create a thank you page. This is very important as it gives them instructions on what to do after signing up to receive your newsletters or offers. You can also decide to create a pop-up window where discounts are offered to potential customers. The key is testing them and finding out the one that works quite well for you.

 4 Avoid Too Many Hyperlinks

This is another great tip that can help your website convert very well thereby increasing sales over a specified period. Ensure that there aren’t too many hyperlinks on your site because they have been discovered to cause distractions as visitors may click on them without reading to the end of pages.

 5 Including Social Share Buttons 

This helps to spread the word about your website and what it stands for. The social media platform is perhaps the most important source of traffic at the moment. For every post you make about a particular product, try to include social media buttons where visitors can share them on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

 6 Choosing a Great Theme

It is true that you will be spoilt with lots of themes on the internet which you can use for your website. Some of them are free while others are paid. However, always remember that most of these themes can negatively affect the conversion rate of your website. One simple thing you can do is ensuring that your chosen theme relates to what your site is all about. This will interact with visitors very well.

 7 Including FAQ

This should be included in your website as it increases conversion. There are questions which your potential and existing customers may want to ask about what you are offering. You may not be there to provide such answers all the time which is why you need to ensure that FAQs are in place to help them out.

 8 Checking Your Spacing 

Don’t make the words and images cluster on your website as this can seriously affect its conversion rate. Ensure that the words or texts are spaced properly and that the paragraphs are short.

 9 Impressive Images

There are many ways to create images for your website. However, it’s best to stick with paid options, ensuring that your image is only exclusive to you, and making sure that images are of the highest quality. If the images are unclear or low-resolution, such will give your potential customers a wrong impression about what your business represents.

 10 Make Your Contact Page Obvious 

Making Your Contact Page Obvious is very vital as you want to ensure that your customers reach out to you as much as possible. Don’t put in your website’s footer as most digital marketers do since this may likely affect your conversion. Try to make sure it is evident at the end of every post or page as this will make it very visible.

 11 Include Sign Up Form

Try to include a form to capture their email addresses. This makes you send messages about offers which they haven’t responded to yet.

 12 Adding A Blog

A blog is a platform where your business can earn the trust of customers. It is a place where you will establish yourself as an authority in your niche through posts, and newsletters. Try to include it in your site today. If you sign up with a hosting company like Hostpapa, you will be shown how to build a friendly blog that customers will appreciate. It will give you access to over 400 apps, a control panel which is 100% user-friendly, reliable and secure business email and many others.

 13 Simplicity Is Important 

Make sure that you straightforwardly design your website. Most fancy-looking sites usually fail to send their messages. Try to make your site simple, so it doesn’t confuse visitors in the end. For instance, ensure that they can navigate all the pages quickly.

 14 Use Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials can increase the conversion of your website far beyond your imagination when used because they will make potential customers trust your offers or products.

 15 Great Call to Action

Your website’s call to action must be obvious to enable them to take action on your site. You can present this in text or image format depending on which one you feel comfortable with. The bottom line is to make that final push when you are expected to.


From the above, you can see that making your website sales conversion rate improve isn’t rocket science as it can be done today. You only need a company such as to get a functional website that will convert very well.

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