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10 Interior Design Inspirations for Nature Lovers

Today’s world offers many conveniences that make our lives more comfortable. Fast cars, modern gadgets with surprising functions, phones with super fast Internet, shopping malls where you can buy anything you could think of – one should not complain. However, many of us feel that something is lacking. That thing is a true closeness to nature. We are surrounded by an urban jungle, where instead of lush greenery and fragrant flowers we are confronted with gray buildings and the smells of restaurant food. There is, however, a simple way to create your oasis of tranquility, where nature is literally at your fingertips. What do you need to do?

There are not only eye-catching but also practical solutions for the home, from small wooden decorations and stickers with a plant motif to large-format nature wall murals. Thanks to them, you can turn an ordinary interior arrangement into a land of a true nature lover simply and instantly. Without turning everything upside down, without redecorating or moving to the countryside, you can enjoy the closeness of trees, plants and even wild animals every day. So sit back and come with us on a journey of discovering 10 phenomenal ideas for refreshing your current arrangement.

10 A picturesque landscape in your living room

We will start with a total solution. The first design that caught our eye is the tree mural. The large-format image of a forest covering an entire wall in your living room will give the room a completely new quality and, above all, freshness. Even if there is a busy street or concrete buildings outside the window, your room will give you the feeling of being outdoors and help you forget about the outside world. You can choose from many different designs such as romantic misty trees, an autumnal forest in orange and golden colors and even a tropical jungle full of exotic plants.

Go to to browse through dozens of tree mural inspirations

9 Practical wooden stand

Until recently, plastics were very popular in interior design, with acrylic glass (Perspex) at the top of the list. Now natural materials seem to be making a comeback. Stands made of real wood are not only an attractive gadget but also pleasant to the touch. If you like to keep your mobile phone in view, treat yourself to a mobile phone stand that will double as a desk decoration. A wine rack made of a solid piece of vintage-effect wood will look great in the kitchen, while an extended plant stand will beautifully decorate the living room.

8 Nature you can cuddle up to

Soft cushions are another subtle, but important accent. Scattered on the bed or sofa, they will not only decorate the interior but will also help you fully relax. Nature lovers will certainly love those with stunningly beautiful covers. A deer with beautiful antlers, a bear with shiny fur or a red fox with a fluffy tail – these designs will allow you to introduce an element of wild nature into your interior arrangement. You can also opt for wood-effect prints in the form of birch or sequoia bark. And for those who love quirky and unusual decorations, we recommend a cushion in the shape of a tree trunk.

7 Bedroom in a birch forest

Staying with the wooden inspirations, our next proposal is a birch tree mural that will allow you to conjure up a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. The view of a birch grove will help you relax after a hard day’s work, and in the morning you will wake up to a magnificent landscape in front of your eyes to get your day off to a great start. Black-and-white trunks and small, lush green leaves will give even the most unremarkable space a completely new quality.

6 Kitchen with a natural accent

A home, however, is not only a living room or bedroom. If you want to feel close to nature also in the kitchen, why not treat yourself to an easy-to-install fridge sticker. This solution has two advantages. First of all, it will allow you to turn an ordinary fridge model into a unique one. Secondly, it will allow you to decorate a small kitchen with no room to hang a poster or apply a tree mural. Choose a pattern imitating solid wood, rocks or green moss, or opt for a picturesque waterfall.

5 Bloodless hunting: original antlers

We believe that wild animals look the most beautiful in their natural habitat, so we do not propose real trophy heads for the wall. Interior decoration shops offer many excellent alternatives that will allow you to decorate your room. You can choose from moose, deer or antelope heads made of metal, as well as plastic or paper-mâché heads of horses, rhinoceroses or bulls. Enthusiasts of more austere arrangements are bound to like imitation animal skulls.

4 Comfortable armchair with a plant print

A comfortable, soft armchair, where you can watch a movie, read a newspaper or a good book, or even get a short nap, is an essential element in every home. When looking for the best one, pay attention not just to the shape, but also the upholstery. Find a model featuring a plant pattern. It can be in the form of an exotic palm or monstera leaves, or colorful tropical flowers hiding colorful parrots. Relaxing in such an armchair will make you feel like you’re on holiday!

3 A gallery wall of your project

A great way to introduce accents from the world of nature into an arrangement is to create your own gallery wall, i.e., a composition consisting of many different pictures, posters or photographs. The appeal of this decoration lies in the fact that each of the elements has a different size and style, but all of them share a common motif, which creates an impressive effect. Choose picturesque views, images of forest animals or framed dried flowers and enjoy a unique decoration.

2 Laptop makeover

We mentioned earlier stickers that can be used to decorate the fridge. This decoration is also a great way to personalize another device it is hard to imagine everyday life without, namely a laptop. Thanks to a sticker, an ordinary casing will turn into green moss, a tree cross-section, a meadow dotted with flowers or a dense forest. And if you use a desktop computer at home, choose a sticker that you can apply on your desk. It’s a clever way to cover up all kinds wear and tear that might have appeared on your laptop or the work surface of your desk.

1 Nature at your fingertips

As we already know, a forest mural cannot only decorate a room but also make it look more spacious. However, if you have a studio or loft apartment, and you are looking for design without a 3D effect, a wall decoration in the form of macro photography will be an excellent solution. A nature wall mural featuring a leaf covered with drops of morning dew or the center of a tulip with its characteristic stamens in high magnification is an original idea for room decoration. What else could you consider other than plants? How about colorful butterfly wings or birds feathers?

It would be impossible to list all the ideas that can be implemented to enjoy a touch of nature at home. Bouquets of fresh flowers or lush plants in pots are also a great solution. Choose the best options for you and enjoy your own green oasis of tranquility.

The article is written in collaboration with Myloview

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