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10 Best HRM Software for Recruiting Remote Workers

Businesses are trying to compete with one another to remain relevant in their respective niches. This is why you need to ensure that you are always aiming for effectiveness and efficiency. The only way through which this can become a reality is by not just hiring the best hands out there but also ensuring that they are well – monitored. It is something that you may not be able to do manually on your own, and that is perhaps why you need an HRM software.

Are you a business owner that wants the best of performances? Do you know that a time is coming when you may not be able to do without any HRM application in your business? There are lots of benefits that such an application can give you which otherwise would have been very difficult to achieve or experience. Some of them are helping you to recruit the best hands which can contribute their skills and efforts towards making your business grow, helping to ensure that your employees are properly monitored in their day to day activities, and adding credibility to your brand before your target audience.

The primary aim of this post is to have you exposed to some of the best HRM software applications that you can use for your business. All of these have been carefully selected to ensure that your business needs are met without any compromise.

 1 Zoho People

 2 Bamboo HR

BambooHR has been brought into existence to ensure that you can attain a very high level of efficiency regardless of whatever business you are operating. It is a high-quality app that has got some brilliant features which will impress you as a business owner. The best part is that it has been built for companies of any size. With this software, every detail concerning your workers can be shown on a single platform. The data it produces can be easily exported to aid your business decision-making process.

 3 Zenefits

This application has gained lots of popularity among business owners recently. It is not difficult to know why its features are entirely out of this world. Some tools make it easy for you to manage your employees over time, and Zenefits is one of such tools. It can cover aspects such as hiring, onboarding, reporting, and employee record keeping. There are also other aspects that it includes in a business such as regulatory compliance, time tracking, processing of payroll and many others.

 4 WebHR

WebHR is one application that stormed the business world with some fantastic features. One thing that has caught the attention of many recruiters around the world about this HRM software is its slogan which it describes as from hire to retire. There is no doubt that it has been able to live up to its claims of being able to monitor workers effectively. For instance, every stage or position occupied by an employee in your company will be tracked by WebHR. Employee communications can also be facilitated through the fact that social media sites have been integrated into it.

 5 SuccessFactors

If you are searching for an application that can help you remain ahead of your competitors, then SuccessFactors is a sure bet. The features that it offers are very flexible and best of all is that they can be used in getting your workforce, as well as workflows, optimized. Some of its features are onboarding, HR analytics, success planning, talent management, tracking platform, and social business tools.

 6 iCIMS Talent Acquisition 

iCIMS Talent Acquisition is an application that is easy to operate to achieve optimum results with your workforce. Its features are robust including a career portal that is branded. Its features ensure that businesses don’t have to break the sweat when it comes to searching for top talents, job board posting, social media distribution, and also search engine optimization of career site.

 7 Planday

The task of managing employees to ensure that they are 100% productive is one that is daunting for every manager. With Planday coming into existence, this problem or issue has been resolved in the most effective way. There are lots of features that make this software to be outstanding amongst others. For instance, employees and managers are connected across various devices via a shared work overview like punch clock, shift swaps, and absences. There are also other features such as automation, mobile connectivity, and modern templates. These help to enhance the schedule management of employees.

 8 ADP Workforce Now

This HRM management system is web-based and can be suitable if you own a mid-sized company or business. It has a single board whereby everything that relates to your business’ HR processes will be handled through automation. With such an application, you can manage the holidays as well as benefits of your staff members. It comes with features like employee benefits management, talent management, attendance and time, as well as payroll.

 9 Xobin Interact 

Using an application such as Xobni Interact ensures that one major challenge gets resolved. You will no longer have to deal with hundreds and thousands of job applications flooding your inbox daily. It makes use of pre-assessment tests which enable employers to know the best candidates that can fit into various positions perfectly.

 10 iTrent HR 

This application is just one of the best out there and as a business owner; you may want to check out how its features can help grow your business today. It ensures that HR management is delivered on end – to – end basis. Not only it helps minimize cost as the administrative workload of HR, but also reduces given automatic features such as key data tracking, automatic starter, diversity and establishment monitoring, disciplinary and grievance management.

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